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J. Scott Wantland - Attorney & Problem Solver
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We Focus On Family So You Can Focus
On Your Future

Family law includes event such as a divorce, custody battle, maintenance case, child support case, relocation case or any other post-divorce litigation.  Scott Wantland is also experienced in paternity cases, fatherís rights cases and grandparentís rights.  Scott understands the interworking of the family court system.  He has been on all sides of issue and has the experience to protect your rights and interests.


Additionally, Scott Wantland has been awarded Guardian Ad Litem of the year in Bullitt County numerous times for his work with the children in family law matters.


Call 502-957-0000 to Learn About Your Family Law Options.


Family law is one of the most emotional and contentious areas of law. Even the smallest facts and details can change the outcome of the case. In this area of law you want to have someone representing you that knows which questions to ask and what details are important. Donít let the other sideís attorney decide the case for you, call Scott Wantland today.

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Deciding to file for divorce is a very stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. There are many tough questions that need to be answered from property division, to child custody and alimony.


Scott Wantland is very familiar with divorce proceedings and can protect your rights while making this time as non-stressful for you.  He can help you get custody of your children or protect your parenting time and visitation rights.

Divorce FAQ's - Click on the questions to view each answer
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