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Child Custody & Parenting Time

In child custody cases many different factors influence the outcome. When parents are unable to come to an agreement, then the judge must decide the arrangements for the child.  Wantland Law, PLLC is family and because of it, they understand your role in the family and can help you.
These factors are given the most weight in determining the custody of a child.  In the end, the best interest of the child will establish who gets custody.
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If you are not the primary custodian of your children you are in most cases legally entitled to visitation. Parenting time or visitations give the non-custodial parent the right to visit a child. A parenting time or visitation schedule can be sought in a paternity or divorce action and is usually set by the court. However, in most cases if the parties can work together in scheduling parenting time, things will run more smoothly.  There are options and alternatives to court ordered visitation and Wantland Law, PLLC can help you gain parenting time and visitation.


Wantland Law, PLLC also has experience in handling grandparents visitation rights and other third-party matters. Donít miss out on time with your kids because you donít have an attorney to fight for your rights during this emotional time. Call Wantland Law, PLLC today.

v Custody of other children of parents involved in dispute

v The wishes of the child or children

v History of mental illness, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect in either or both parents

v Medical needs of children, as well as health of parents

v Impact of changing current status quo of child or children's living arrangements

v Quality of life, including education while living with one or other parent

v Emotional bond between child and parent

v Sibling bonds