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Living Will
A living will explains and details your wishes to your family and physicians on the subject of healthcare options should you become incapacitated with an end-stage medical condition. Let your loved ones know your wishes far in advance with a properly prepared and executed living will.
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Power of Attorney
A power of attorney permits you to designate one or more individuals to act on your behalf with respect to matters other than those dealing with medical care.   These can be created to permit parties to act on your behalf either upon its execution or only in the event you are incapable of acting on your own behalf due to incapacity.  To provide necessary continuity relating to your affairs you should consider implementing a power of attorney.
Last Will & Testiment

Dying without a will surrenders your control over your estate with the potential result that your heirs might not receive what you may have wanted. Wills precisely express a personís wishes with respect to their belongings after he or she dies.


Most states require very specific procedures and precautions relative to executing a will. Do not let an improperly constructed or improperly executed will cause a court to deny probate of your will, thereby ignoring the wishes you have thoughtfully expressed about the disposition of your estate.


Probate is a court-managed legal process that settles debts and title to property passing from a decedent to his or her heirs. Probate proceedings generally take place in courts established in the county where a decedent lived until the time of his/her death. If your loved one's estate requires probate, we can become involved in the estate administration process and manage it for you with detailed care and due diligence.

Estates & Trust

An estate contains the money, assets and debts that belonged to a decedent. A decedent transfers wealth to heirs and beneficiaries through the estate. In the planning stage, we use wills and trusts to make the most of an estateís value after taxes. We create trusts, sometimes in conjunction with wills and sometimes as an alternative to wills. Often trusts make it easier for decedents to leave financial gifts to philanthropic endeavors, to nonprofit organizations, and even to pets.  You want safe and effective passage of your wealth to your loved ones. Secure your wishes and their future with the superior options that our experience has to offer.