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J. Scott Wantland - Attorney & Problem Solver

Business Debt Problems

At Wantland Law, PLLC, many of the people who come to us for advice about serious debt problems are contractors, independent truck drivers, retailers, farmers, homebuilders and other business owners. We can help with business debt, as well as consumer debt.


If you need advice about your right to relief from the pressure of debt problems related to your business operations, contact us for a free consultation.  Scott Wantland understands the problems you face and can help you get the most out of bankruptcy, if thatís the best option for relieving your problems.


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Debt Relief for Kentucky Small Business Owners
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
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Many small businesses have all of their inventory, equipment and receivables pledged as collateral to a secured lender. Others are operated so informally that itís hard to tell the difference between business debt, consumer debt or a personal guaranty, especially when cash and assets pass freely between business and household needs.

No matter what your situation involves, our attorneys can advise you about your debt relief options. Whether youíre concerned about overdraft protection, bounced checks, or cold checks written from a business account or personal liability on a guaranty of corporate debt, we can review your financial situation and show you a path toward a fresh start.


For many people, a single Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case can cover both personal and business debts. In other situations, weíll probably recommend a Chapter 7 for a well-organized business and a Chapter 13 case for the principal owner. We can also file for Chapter 12 bankruptcy if thatís the best option for a farmer.


The best choice in your situation will depend on where your financial pressure is coming from, whether itís a commercial landlord, a secured lender or the IRS. Regardless of your specific circumstances, the sooner you contact us the more options weíll be able to identify for you.


For dependable advice about business debt problems, contact Scott Wantland in Shepherdsville, KY.